Visit Naples Italy and Pompeii tickets

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The city of Naples is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is an absolute must for a holiday or city trip. With its five million inhabitants, it is still a large city, but not a megacity like Rome, for example. Because it is manageable in size, after a short holiday or city trip you really have the feeling that you have got to know Naples. The best things to do in Naples Italy: We have listed a number of sights for you that you should definitely visit when you go to Naples. Are you reading along?

Things to do in Naples Italy

In Naples Italy, visiting the old harbor is an absolute must. There is still plenty of trade in this large port, it is fascinating and interesting to see the locals at work here. Incidentally, many luxury cruise ships also dock here in the port of Naples, always impressive for such a large luxury ship!

The island of Capri

From this port of Naples, you can sail to the island of Capri. There is a ferry that you can use, a wonderful way to travel on your holiday of course. From this ferry you also have a magnificent view over the city of Naples. Sailing itself is always nice to do on holiday, just enjoy the fresh sea air and the new impressions. The island is only 10 square kilometers and has only two villages. But that's what makes visiting this island so much fun! You can enjoy shopping here and certainly enjoy a good lunch or dinner here. The fish dishes here are an absolute must.

Vesuvius and Pompeii tickets

The volcano Vesuvius is not far from Naples and you can pre order your Pompeii tickets. This volcano is no less than 1281 meters high and has a diameter of 8 kilometers. Impressive dimensions of this still active volcano. You can travel to this volcano by train, traveling by train in this area is an outing in itself. Famous is of course the city of Pompeii tickets, the city that was destroyed in 79 AD by a volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. The ruins have survived from this and are impressive to see. You read it; Naples has a lot to offer, alle the best things to do in Naples Italy.